Kevin Hernandez is 1st Class!!

If you aren’t asking Kevin for insurance quotes, you need to start! He has literally saved TWO escrows of mine now!
The first escrow was a few months ago. I represented the buyer in a high fire zone. I suggested my buyer get in touch with Kevin right when we opened escrow, but my buyer assured me that he had a great rate with his current insurance company. Well, the buyer didn’t pay much attention after that, and it wasn’t until he received his estimated closing costs (yes, that late into escrow) that he realized that his insurance was way higher than he thought it would be. He called me in a panic. I told him not to worry, and I immediately called Kevin. Within 30 minutes tops, Kevin had a much better rate and we closed on time!
The second time he came through huge for me was TODAY. This time I represent the seller. The buyer was scheduled to remove all but loan today and hadn’t. I called the buyer’s agent to see how things were going and she told me that the buyer is ready to remove everything, but that his insurance premium was way too high. He had called 5 different insurance companies and they were all coming in way higher than his fixed income budget allowed. I asked the buyer’s agent if she would mind me calling “my guy.” She told me to please do. Again, within 30 minutes tops, Kevin had the buyer switching to him and the buyer’s agent thanking us all! His rates seriously can’t be beat.
Thank you once again, Kevin Hernandez! I am so grateful that you are in our corner.


Elizabeth Altuna
Senior Associate | Agent Inc

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